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Welcome to SevenPoint2, a company dedicated to empowering more than 1 Million people to discover optimal health through alkalinity!

SevenPoint2 is the first company in history to make it simple and easy to get and stay alkaline! Thanks to SevenPoint2's great-tasting organic, vegan, and gluten-Free products, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are discovering the tremendous health benefits of alkalizing their body.

SevenPoint2 is also rapidly making alkalinity a fundamental concept in the wellness industry by empowering motivated entrepreneurs to earn income by distributing its delicious alkaline products to everyone interested in attaining better health.

Health and Wealth ... who doesn't want more of each?

Earn Residual Income with the SevenPoint2 Compensation Plan

Careful thought combined with years of experience were applied to the creation of the SevenPoint 2 Compensation Plan. SevenPoint2 honored some of best ideas from the network marketing industry and incorporating them into the SevenPoint2™ Uni-Gen Compensation plan.
The SeventPoint2 Compensation Plan ROCKS!

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Here's How It Works

When you acquire an understanding of the value of keeping your pH where it was when you were born, and you personally experience the wide range of benefits that a balanced pH brings to your body, you will be "naturally" motivated to share it with everyone you love...almost out of a sense of obligation. You will want them to have what you have, a philosophy capable of transforming not only your life, but your livelihood!

Most people trade hours for dollars, also referred to as "active income.". The problem with active income is you can only trade so many hours for dollars, and for most people, there just aren't enough hours in the day to achieve significant wealth. Residual income, however, is the average person's shot at true Financial Freedom. Residual income is similar to having drilled an oil well, and every month getting paid on its production. As you share the SevenPoint2 alkaline movement and others catch the vision -- and in turn share it with others -- you earn a percentage on all that sales production. This is the engine that drives the entire Network Marketing industry to annual worldwide sales of more than $100 Billion.

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