Sports Testimonials

  • Testimony - Cross Country Runner

    "One of the top running coaches in Southern California heard a female cross country runner taking Recovery with HydroFX® and decided to try an experiment with his own runners. He had two elite high school runners that he worked with daily. In the last three races these two runners had finished almost exactly sixty seconds apart. He gave the slower one six Recovery with HydroFX® per day for six days. Nothing else changed in all of their workout routine. Amazingly the slower runner was only 20 seconds behind in the next race. He made up 40 seconds on his fellow runner!"

  • Testimony - Anna Genevieve Colbaugh

    "I put the SevenPoint2 Shake and SevenPoint2 Greens together in a glass every morning before practice. I feel more energetic before, during and after work outs and I feel like I can go longer working out. I would definitely encourage other rowers and athletes to at least try the product and just see if they feel healthier and stronger, because it could make a difference in performance and make them feel more confident and positive about their abilities and health, which is so important and not just physically but also emotionally."

    - Anna Genevieve Colbaugh

  • Testimony - Coach Danny Harris

    "At the beginning of the season Anna was one athlete on the fence of making the top boat. She came in at 171 lbs and in mild shape at 5'11". She was anemic and not on a nutritional plan. She often sick and fatigued. I introduced the Sevenpoint2 system of SevenPoint2 Shake , SevenPoint2 Greens, and Recovery with H HydroFX® to Anna. She immediately felt more strength, stamina and started losing weight. She went from coming in the middle of the pack to finishing in the lead. Anna has lost over 15lbs and increased her power output by over 30%. She has a leaner figure and greater muscle tone. She can push harder on the ergo machines and is the top time. She has earned the stroke seat of our eight and lead us to a major upset of a huge rival."

    - Coach Danny Harris - Women's Head Rowing Coach - University of California, Irvine

  • Testimony - Chris Wehan

    "I am a high level soccer player who went to the clinic with sever hip soreness and stiffness. I have been diagnosed withtight hip flexors for years. I got treated with a soft tissue technique called ART(active release technique) and started Recovery with HydroFX® and SevenPoint2 greens caps. Within 10 days the tight feeling in my hip flexors was gone and mydifference in speed when playing soccer was amazing. Later that season I won conference USA freshman of the year award!"

    - Chris Wehan, Southern California

  • Testimony - Fred Funk

    "SevenPoint2 products give me a competitive edge," said professional golfer Fred Funk praising the new 7.2 RECOVERY with HydroFX® after becoming a sponsor for the alkaline company last April. Funk's athletic career spans 32 years beginning in 1981 when he turned professional. He joined the PGA Tour in 1989 and the Champions Tour in 2006. He has a total of 22 professional wins. His best game results include a T17 for the Masters Tournament in 1997, a T66 for the Open Championship in 2006, a T4 for the PGA Championship in 2002, and getting a 6th for the U.S. Open in 2004. Furthermore, Funk is regarded as one of the shortest drivers in todays PGA Tour but has the highest accuracy statistics in the last 14 years.

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